Ceiling Breach and Pull

Ceiling Breach.gif
This event uses a mechanized device that measures overhead push and pull forces and a pike pole. The pike pole is a commonly used piece of equipment that consists of a six-foot long pole with a hook and point attached to one end.

This event simulates the critical task of breaching and pulling down a ceiling to check for fire extension. It challenges aerobic capacity, upper and lower body muscular strength and endurance, grip strength and endurance, and anaerobic endurance.

The Test
  • After removing the pike pole from the bracket, the participant places the tip of the pole on a 60-pound hinged door in the ceiling and pushes it three times while standing within the established boundary
  • Then, the pike pole is hooked to a 80-pound ceiling device and pulled five times
  • Each set consists of three pushes and five pulls; the set is repeated four times
  • A pause for grip adjustment is allowed

  • Releasing one’s grip or allowing the pike pole handle to slip does not result in a warning or constitute a failure
  • The candidate may re-establish his/her grip and resume the event
  • If a repetition is not successfully completed, the proctor calls out "miss" and the apparatus must be pushed or pulled again to complete the repetition
  • This event and the total test time ends when the final pull stroke repetition is completed and the proctor calls "time"
  • A warning is given for dropping the pike pole to the ground or for feet straying outside the boundaries; a second warning of either violation constitute a failure