This event uses a weighted mannequin equipped with a shoulder harness to simulate the critical task of removing a victim or injured partner from a fire scene.

This event challenges aerobic capacity, upper and lower body muscular strength and endurance, grip strength and endurance, and anaerobic endurance.

The Test
  • The participant grasps a 165-pound mannequin by the handles) on the shoulders of the harness (either one or both handles are permitted), drags it 35 feet, makes a 180° turn around a pre-positioned drum, and continues an additional 35 feet to the finish line
  • Grasping or resting on the drum is not permitted, but the mannequin may touch the drum
  • The candidate is permitted to drop and release the mannequin to adjust his/her grip
  • The entire mannequin must be dragged across the finish line.

Grasping or resting on the drum at any time results in a warning; a second warning constitutes a failure