January 2024 Updates

  1. 1/1/24
  2. 1/8/24
  3. 1/15/24
  4. 1/22/24
  5. 1/29/24

1123 NCH 5th5th Floor
Wire up light fixtures.
Electrical wall trim out.
Wall tile and grout in main restroom group.
Welding pipe for new heat exchanger.
Framing and shaft liner board in fan room.
Window replacement on the east and south elevation.

1124 NCH 4th

4th Floor
Home run wire pull to electrical panels.
Lighting controls.
Low voltage overhead wiring.
HVAC control wiring.
Install ceiling grid north end.
Inspection above hard lids.

1124 NCH 2nd

2nd Floor
Hydronic piping to VAV’s.
Existing overhead waste and vent replacement for restroom group.
Install linear diffusers at courtrooms.
Run overhead conduit for home runs.
Install light fixture electrical boxes.
Framing fur out on east side of fan room.
Tape wall joint on north end.
Prep and paint Hollow metal frames on south end.
Install replacement frames in west courtroom.

1124 NCH 1s 2

1st Floor
Metal stud framing.
HVAC overhead rough in and VAV’s.
Plumbing wall rough in.
Hydronic piping started.
Electrical wall rough in.