November 2023 Updates

  1. 11/6/23
  2. 11/13/23
  3. 11/20/23

Fifth Floor:11623 NCH 5th

The ceiling grid made good progress this week with most of the southwest area complete. The ceiling grid is up to the inspector’s station on the east, and they will hold off on the coiling door areas until the overhead doors are installed. 

The overhead doors should be installed this month. 

Thermax will be complete with insulation on the hydronics and overhead plumbing. 

Ace Electric completed lighting rough-in, in the bathroom group as well as the family bathroom. 

Ace will be calling in a ceiling inspection for Monday in the hard-lid bathroom locations. This will release drywall to be able to be hung on the ceilings. Paint and tile will follow in the bathrooms. Ace is still re-working the lighting controls in the ceiling and the switches. Drywall patch and paint to follow for the switching changes. 

Ace installed the display screen electrical boxes and conduit raceways. 

Blocking for the display screen and speakers on the north wall will be complete next week with drywall to follow. 

HVAC for the diffusers in the council chambers will be complete. Once framing begins on the soffits in the council chambers, the diffusers will be installed during this activity. 

Star is working on welding for the gas pipe in the fan room and next week will T-off the main and up to supply the Roof Top Unit. Star also replaced the steam’s main line ball valve. Relites are complete in the hollow metal frames on the north and south side.

Fourth Floor:11623 NCH 4th

Star is progressing with hydronic runs. 

HVAC was completed this week. 

Taping is ongoing and will be complete late next week for the paint to start on Monday 11/13. 

Ace Electric is working on lighting runs in the ceiling and re-working the power in the bathroom groups. 

Hard lids are complete apart from the two bathrooms. 

The elevator lobby soffit began today with good initial progress. Hollow metal door spreaders were removed in preparation for painting.  

Second Floor: 11623 NCH 2nd

Ace is complete with rough in and box walk changes/adds/corrections. 

A QC device walk will follow today and Monday. 

Ace is also coring for floor boxes. 

The exterior wall demo is nearly complete. 

Door frames are installed except for the two door frames that were damaged in transport.

Blocking for TVs and ADA accessories will be completed this week. 

The plumbing rough-in is still ongoing. 

HVAC started rough in. 

A drywall delivery is scheduled for Monday 11/6 which will kick off one siding of the walls. 

Also, on the drywall delivery, there will be framing materials for the south courtroom storefront wall and 4th floor police counter.

First Floor: 11623 NCH 1st

Framing started this week with good progress.


Ace relocated the power for the material hoist out of 5th floor’s ceiling and down through the north IT room, into 4th floor’s north electrical room. This move was important to avoid the temp power conflicting with ceiling finishes.