August 2023 Updates

  1. 8/7/23
  2. 8/21/23

5th Floor

Backing for new cabinets and accessories is now underway.  NCH 8723 Backing for CabinetsWall rough-in for plumbing continued and workers started running hydronic pipingNCH 8723 5 Plumbing RoughInHVAC rough-in is as far as it can go until Variable Air Value systems arrive. 

Electrical rough-in continues and the exterior wall layout for new power and data started. 

The fire sprinkler rough-in is making progress and will be wrapped up next week. 

4th Floor

Wall framing continued with good progress. NCH 8723 5 FramingHVAC rough-in got started. 

2nd Floor

The framing layout for door openings and columns is close to being complete. 

Window Replacement Update

After a series of in-depth conversations, site meetings, vendor meetings, and scenarios, we have received good direction to move forward. JLG and CDA along with our Historical Registration Consultant, Lesley Gilmore, assembled a series of options to address the window conditions:

1.       Remove, refurbish, and reinstall existing units on floors 2 to 5

2.       Remove and replace with new units floors 2 to 5

3.       Replace Glazing on 1st floor in existing frames

With Dick Anderson’s coordination, we developed initial budgets and timeframes for these options. This information was then assembled into a report for the State Historical Preservation Officer that reviewed and ultimately relayed his recommendation for replacement and the information to the Federal National Parks. The National Parks agent agreed the replacement was acceptable and has precedence of similar window units being replaced in compliance with NPS Guidelines and a qualified expense for tax credits. We received this notification on July 31.

Over the next two weeks, JLG and CDA are proceeding with drawings and specifications to identify this scope that will then be handed to DAC for pricing in August. If bids are in alignment, we anticipate final ordering no later than the end of September to keep on the original construction schedule.