2022 Transit Development Plan (TDP) UpdateMET Transit buses (JPG)

We are updating our five-year transit development plan and working with members of our community to help meet needs and expectations is a key part of the process. Please, use the link below to provide comments and feedback about current services and system improvements that you would like to see.

Public Meeting Schedule

The public meeting period for this project has closed. Please, review the materials provided and feel free to reach out through the feedback form link. 


Service Overview

Core services provided by MET Transit are 16 daily fixed-routes operating Monday thru Friday, and seven routes on Saturdays, covering approximately 43.52 square miles almost exclusively within the City of Billings city limits. Most routes operate at one-hour service frequency in a "pulse" setup with buses simultaneously arriving to and departing from the two MET Transit Transfer Center locations and a common transfer location at a high school in the northern part of the city. Many of the fixed-routes are focused on providing service to students as well as daily peak commuters. MET Transit also directly provides complementary para-transit service (MET Plus) for riders unable to use the fixed route service due to a disability. MET Plus is an origin to destination service for persons certified as eligible. MET contracts with both the Adult Resource Alliance as well as the State of Montana Developmental Disabilities Bureau to provide subscription services and expanded services outside of minimum required paratransit services.

 MET Transit has recently introduced seventeen new buses into service, which make up a large part of the twenty-five strong fleet, and planning to replace the remaining vehicles with newer, more efficient equipment is in the works. Several new technology solutions to improve convenience and ease of use have also been implemented, including on-board Wi-Fi, an electronic fare system, new paratransit dispatching and scheduling software, real-time bus tracking software, and automatic passenger counters.

Check back right here (or follow us on social media @billingsMETtransit) for important information and opportunities to participate.