MET Transit Bus Tracker

MET Transit Bus Routes and Schedules - Effective October 2, 2023

Reading the MET Bus Map

Crosstown imageThe MET bus map displays the entire routing system on one side and route timepoint stops with example times for both Weekdays and Saturdays on the other side. Routes are marked with colored lines and corresponding colored circles with the route number inside the circle. Multiple circles on the same street mean multiple routes travel on that street.  These same circles are displayed in small transfer center layouts located on either side of the  map and show you where the buses park at each location.

The timepoint stops listed on the schedule side of the map are for reference and are NOT the only times or stops the bus will be servicing. The timepoint stops serve as examples of how many minutes past the hour a bus will arrive at that specific stop. These timepoint stop schedules also indicate how often a bus runs (either every 60 minutes, every 30 minutes, or every 15 minutes).

For example, if a timepoint shows 5:45 AM as it's example time on a 60 minute route, the bus will arrive at that timepoint at :45 minutes after the hour every hour during MET operations. Many stops exist BETWEEN the listed timepoints; please refer to individual Bus Route Schedules or the bus tracking smartphone app for specific stop locations.  A  digital copy of the MET Bus map can be found by clicking here; physical copies of the map are available on every MET bus and at locations throughout the community.

Routes that run between the Stewart Park and Downtown Transfer Centers will have an INBOUND run that travels TO Downtown and an OUTBOUND run that travels AWAY from Downtown. Loop routes will have the same stop listed as a starting and ending point.

Reading MET Bus Route Schedules

Individual MET Bus Route Schedules can be accessed by clicking here.

Individual route maps show a detailed map of each route with all bus stops listed by stop identification number. The schedule page of the individual route maps lists each individual stop by STOP ID and a descriptive location. The full timepoint schedule for each route is also listed. Most bus stops listed will be between two reference timepoints.  To determine what time to be at your stop, find your stop on the map and use the stop ID listed in the timepoints to determine which two timepoints your stop is between. Be at your stop at the time listed for the prior timepoint (the earlier of the two timepoints). 

For example, route 5 - Grand is displayed on this page in map and INBOUND schedule format. In the example, let's catch the bus at stop 0540, which is on the INBOUND trip to Downtown; we'll aim for catching the bus at around 1:00 PM Find the stop on the map, located at the south west corner of Grand Ave and 13th St W.

Route 5 Map

Now, find the two timepoint stops on the INBOUND schedule that stop 0540 is between.  Timepoints stop IDs are listed at the top of the schedule table and are also indicated in gray on the stops table; both tables read left to right and top to bottom. Referencing either table, we see that stop 0540 is between timepoint stop 0538 (Grand Ave and 17th St W) and timepoint stop 0545 (Grand Ave and Virginia Ln).  We want to arrive to stop 0540 at the time listed for the previous timepoint stop (0538), so we would arrive to stop 0540 at 12:58 PM. 

Route 5 scheduleBus Stop Sign with ID and Route

Please keep in mind, the timepoints listed are ESTIMATES based on route timings; the bus may be early or later depending on traffic, the weather, or other issues.

It is always a good plan to arrive to your stop earlier than you anticipate the bus arriving

To ensure you are at the correct stop, each bus stop sign has the STOP ID and ROUTES served shown at the bottom of each sign.  

For more convenience and real time bus locations, download the bus tracking smartphone application by clicking the green smartphone app picture on this page.  

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