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Thank you for your interest in the Pen(demic) Pals Project! This is a letter-writing campaign that connects students and seniors within the Billings community. Click through the tabs below for information about the project, to enroll online, or if you are interested in volunteering with the project. 

Have a question? Please contact Amber Nichols at or 406-237-6136. Thank you!

Find us on Facebook for updates and stories from participants! 

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Background Information

The idea for this project emerged from the analytics of city-wide coronavirus surveys conducted by the City of Billings in the Fall of 2020. This survey sought to gather feedback from residents regarding how the pandemic has altered their lives, what services and resources were accessible, and what gaps in service could be addressed within Billings. Survey results indicate that the majority of respondents have experienced increased stress from the pandemic, and many residents report dearly missing socializing and connecting with others in our community. This letter writing campaign seeks to address these issues by providing an opportunity for participants to socialize in a safe, socially distant way.