Community Member & Social Service Provider Agency Surveys

Coronavirus Surveys Available 

The City of Billings is preparing an assessment to determine the coronavirus response needs of low-income individuals and families and the agencies serving this population in Billings. 

We want to hear from you! 

 For assistance, please contact the Community Development Division at (406) 657-8284.

Results from ongoing analyses of the Coronavirus Community Member Survey data can be found in the tabs below! 

  1. Community Impacts
  2. Access to Resources
  3. Stress & Mental Health

Analyses of the Coronavirus Community Member Survey indicate that low-income Billings residents report the greatest impacts of the pandemic have been: Decreased Income and/or Lost Employment (492 / 34%), Lack of Food/Groceries (290 / 20%), and Keeping Utility Payments Current (283 / 19%). Nearly half of respondents (709 / 49%) report experiencing No Impacts as a result of the pandemic.