Complimentary Onboard Wi-Fi

MET Transit is pleased to provide its fixed-route customers with complimentary onboard wireless internet access! Customers can work, access social media, and browse the internet all while riding in comfort to their destinations across the Billings area.

To access the Wi-Fi system, customers will connect to the "MET_BUS Wifi" network when on board the bus. Upon connecting, customers will be directed to agree to the network terms and conditions; after acceptance, users may connect to the internet. 

Customers may access music streaming sites, browse the internet, and connect to work related websites through the cellular connection on board the bus.  However, explicit materials are filtered from access via the service.  Any attempts to circumvent the security measures or established internet filters will be seen as a violation of the passenger code of conduct and MET Transit policies and may result in the customer being asked to exit the bus.  Repeated violations of this policy will be dealt with accordingly.

This service is provided as a complimentary amenity.  MET Transit makes no guarantees regarding the internet service, including, but not limited to, the quality of the internet connection, the availability of an internet connection, access to media streams, service coverage, or any other technical or non-technical aspects of the wireless internet and corresponding access. 

If you experience issues or have questions, please contact the MET offices directly at 406-657-8218.