Noise Ordinance Subcommittee

The Creation of the Subcommittee:

During the June 10, 2019 Regular Business meeting, Council approved the creation of a subcommittee comprised of: Mayor Cole and Councilmembers Cromley, Yakawich, Gibbs and Neese. 

The Purpose:

The subcommittee's purpose was to work with staff, its expert, Daniel Autenrieth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Industrial Hygiene Program Manager from Montana Tech in Butte, Montana, and concerned community members, to develop proposed amendments to the City's "Noise" Ordinance (Sections 17, Billings, Montana City Code). The subcommittee will bring its recommendations for amendments to the whole of the Council for adoption. At that time, the subcommittee's purpose will end and it will be disbanded. 


July 11, 2019 Agenda

August 7, 2019 Agenda

October 24, 2019 Agenda 


July 11, 2019 Minutes

August 7, 2019 Minutes