Babcock Theater

The Babcock Theater Ad Hoc Council Advisory Committee was created by Resolution of the City Council on March 14, 2016. Its purpose -- to make recommendations to the City Council as to who should own and manage the theater.

Agendas and Minutes

Ad Hoc Council Advisory Committee Members

  • Alvin Swanson, City Councilmember
  • Angela Cimmino, City Councilmember
  • Ian Elliot
  • Jack Nickels, Yellowstone County Cultural Partners
  • Jeff Yeley
  • Larry Brewster, City Councilmember
  • Lisa Harmon, Downtown Billings Association
  • Richard Clark, City Councilmember
  • Ruth Towe
  • Wayne Wilcox
  • William R. Wood, Executive Director, Alberta Bair Theater
babcock - web photo