Seniors and Passengers with Disability Discounts


Passengers who are age 62 and above may show a valid ID indicating birth date in order to receive a discounted fare or pass. Citizens with a disability will be required to obtain a Disability Identification Card from MET Transit in order to purchase a discounted pass or pay the discounted cash fare.  To verify eligibility for a Disability Identification Card, a passenger may present their Medicare card or other proof of eligibility from a medical provider or other professional in the MET Transit office.

Individuals with disability who qualify for an ID card will receive a card as shown below; this card will need to be shown when paying a cash fare. If an individual requires a replacement card, a $3.00 fee will be assessed. For individuals utilizing the TouchPass system via smartphone or smartcard, the user's account will be updated to show available discounted fare rates. 

ID Card Image